Expert Advice on Managing Supply Chains in Turbulent Times – Case Four

Jacek Warchoł
Supply Chain Analytics

“How can analytics be used to facilitate decision making?”

Many solutions can be implemented in key areas of supply chain like demand forecasting, logistics network modeling, inventory management or transportation and warehousing. But, in these times it is best to focus on something that is easy to implement and that can bring the best value in terms of cash flow.

Currently, while forecast errors are high, classical network modeling is far too slow, and when efficient transportation planning is a struggle, I would really recommend looking at the SKU optimization solution and at unproductive inventory.

The SKU Optimization solution helps to analyze the SKU performance by:

  • Driving better value for all the Shareholders by selecting the optimal current and future SKU portfolio,
  • Lowering supply chain costs by reducing the non- performing SKU, based on complexity and rotation,
  • Improving the Days on Hand inventory KPI.

It is also important to provide insights that will help manage end-to-end inventory optimization, in particular:

  • Minimizing the scrap volume by fast and precise reactions on non-performing inventory (re-sell, re-production, donation)
  • Minimizing inventory handling costs and increasing warehouse space for fast moving SKU.

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Jacek Warchoł
Head of Supply Chain Practice

Expert in Digitalization of Supply Chains, Program Manager, Leading Supply Chain Practice in terms of Business Development and driving project delivery. Over 20 years of professional experience as a Manager in big4 management consulting as well as SCM Manager working for global manufacturers. He managed projects related to strategy development, business process improvement (process mapping, redesign, optimization) and technology optimization (feasibility study, blueprint design, implementation) for global clients from different business sectors and worked within multinational and cross functional teams.

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