Expert Advice on Managing Supply Chains in Turbulent Times – Case Three

Jacek Warchoł
inventory management process

“Is there any innovative solution that could help us identify constraints?”

Sure, let us start by focusing on the inventory management process – one of the key processes that can almost immediately help to increase a company’s cashflow. In order to find out key areas for improvement, identify process variances, process bottlenecks, and all the time-consuming processes, you can use an innovative analysis called process mining.

By using already available history data in IT systems, we can visualize processes the way they truly are.

Process mining allows to discover what is hidden and inaccessible to the subjective, human eye.

With the right methodology, execution, and tailored guidelines, Lingaro’s process mining unlocks hidden businesses opportunities for a better and more advanced data-driven transformation.

Find out more on process mining from our Lingaro Blog article.

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Jacek Warchoł
Head of Supply Chain Practice

Expert in Digitalization of Supply Chains, Program Manager, Leading Supply Chain Practice in terms of Business Development and driving project delivery. Over 20 years of professional experience as a Manager in big4 management consulting as well as SCM Manager working for global manufacturers. He managed projects related to strategy development, business process improvement (process mapping, redesign, optimization) and technology optimization (feasibility study, blueprint design, implementation) for global clients from different business sectors and worked within multinational and cross functional teams.

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