Fueling Progress Within and Beyond: Lingaro India’s Internal Mobility Success Story

India_internal mobility
India_internal mobility

As Lingaro Group continuously evolves to meet the dynamic data and AI needs of the global market, our commitment to nurturing internal talent make us a top choice for professionals aiming to advance their careers within an innovative and supportive environment.

At Lingaro, internal mobility isn’t just a policy. It’s a practice that’s integral to our work culture, especially as we navigate the changing dynamics of our industry’s workplace. By promoting from within, we not only advance our employees’ careers, but also strengthen the fabric of our company. This commitment to internal mobility is key to retaining exceptional staff, encouraging their professional growth, and ultimately, driving our organizational success.

Internal mobility is a foundational practice embedded in our work culture. We believe in fostering career development by encouraging our employees to explore diverse roles within the company. This approach is structured through our robust Internal Mobility Program, which is accessible to all employees — our “Lingarians” — across the company. Candidates who embody our ethos of “learning with a can-do attitude” are eligible to apply.

Internal mobility at Lingaro: A pathway to professional growth and advantage to clients

Our Internal Mobility Program is designed to ensure a transparent, fair, and effective process for all employees seeking new opportunities within the company.

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Employees interested in exploring new roles within Lingaro undergo a structured, harmonized process that aligns the employee’s skills with the job. The process also helps maintain continuity and efficiency within our teams as well as overall organizational resilience.

The flexibility and resilience provided by our internal mobility practices provide advantages to Lingaro’s clients and partners. By preparing employees to take on diverse roles easily, we cultivate a resilient workforce capable of maintaining productivity and competitiveness even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Moreover, internal mobility encourages new ideas and perspectives into different teams and projects. This not only prevents stagnation but also leads to more innovative and dynamic solutions that benefit our clients. Employees who transition into new roles bring with them a wealth of diverse experiences and insights. It enhances our ability to think outside the box and deliver exceptional value to global brands and enterprises.

For instance, Lingaro India’s Alka Gautam and Damayanthi Aruna have both reached significant career milestones through internal transitions. Alka moved from Employer Branding Specialist to Specialist in Partners & Alliances (Project Coordinator), and Damayanthi advanced to Operations Competency Center as a Level 1 Support Specialist after beginning as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Lingaro India. 

Their stories highlight the tangible benefits of a robust internal mobility program that unlocks the potential for career elevation and enriched employee experiences. Let’s dive into their perspectives on this transformative journey.

What motivated you to seek new opportunities within Lingaro?

India post Alka

Alka: My motivation was primarily career growth and skill enhancement. I was eager for new challenges and opportunities for professional development within Lingaro. I also wanted to acquire new skills and expand my knowledge across different expertise areas.

Damayanthi: I sought new opportunities to broaden my skill set and embrace new challenges. The supportive culture at Lingaro, which promotes internal mobility and continuous learning, was a significant factor in my decision.


What were the key factors for success in transitioning into your new role?

Alka: Adaptability, a learning mindset, and collaboration. Being open to change, eager to learn new skills, and working effectively with team members are crucial for thriving in a new role.

Damayanthi: Adaptability, a willingness to learn, and effective communication. The support from colleagues and mentors at Lingaro also enabled a smoother and more enjoyable transition.

How have you upskilled and found new opportunities at Lingaro?

Alka: Lingaro’s internal mobility program has allowed me to explore different roles, departments, or projects, expanding my skill set and uncovering new opportunities.

Damayanthi: Through Lingaro’s training programs and mentorship opportunities, I was able to enhance my skills. The collaborative environment promotes knowledge sharing and to this day helps me uncover new opportunities.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of moving into a new role?

Alka: The new challenges and responsibilities offered significant personal and professional growth. It’s also rewarding to build new relationships and collaborate with diverse teams.

Damayanthi: The most rewarding part has been the significant personal and professional growth, working on exciting projects, and receiving recognition, which has been incredibly fulfilling.

What message would you like to spread after your successful transition?

Alka: Explore your interests and reflect on where you want to grow professionally. Engage with colleagues, build relationships across teams, and be proactive in expressing your career aspirations. Upskill yourself to bridge any gaps relevant to your desired role. These create a sense of purpose and an appreciation of feeling valued by the company, making you give your best to the organization. 

Damayanthi: I encourage exploring internal mobility to broaden skills, embrace new challenges, and draw from your organization’s workplace environment for growth.

Indeed, internal mobility embeds collaboration and agility into our culture, a key component of a true social enterprise. Transparent communication, skill assessment, mentoring, and cross-functional rotations are some of the essential strategies that we implement to ensure its effectiveness across our organization. 

Lingaro, as an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking company, offers numerous opportunities for employees to shape their careers according to their interests and goals. The success stories of Alka and Damayanthi exemplify the transformative impact of our internal mobility program. We look forward to witnessing many more such stories as we continue to grow and develop.

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