See You at the Lingaro IT Bootcamp on Cloud Data Analytics

IT bootcamp-1
IT bootcamp-1

Looking for a great way to break into the IT industry in Warsaw or Lublin?

Or maybe learn more about some of the hottest data analytics technologies?

Nothing beats getting real-life experience and skilling up with experts!

That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the free ONLINE Cloud Data Analytics IT Bootcamp from Lingaro this September. The entire training will be conducted online. It will last 3 weeks and consist of 3 modules that you will complete as a package.


Here are the main topics covered during the 3 weeks of IT Bootcamp workshops:

Week 1: Microsoft Azure

  • What the cloud is and how it works

  • Transforming and moving data in the cloud

  • Building cost-effective Azure solutions

  • Real-world success stories and best practices

Week 2: MS SQL

  • SQL querying

  • Building data models

  • Data loading

  • Data transformation

Week 3: Power BI

  • Connecting, importing, and transforming data in Power BI Desktop

  • Using natural language queries

  • Visualizing data, authoring reports, and scheduling automated refreshes

  • Creating and sharing dashboards in Power BI Service

  • UX considerations when creating dashboards

Additionally, you get:

  • Practical exercises with Lingaro’s top experts and experienced trainers

  • The chance to jump start your recruitment process at Lingaro and begin your journey with data analytics

  • Valuable tips on how to be successful job candidate in a workshop with Lingaro’s HR team

  • Fun!


When and where:

  • Where: The training will be conducted online but is designed for participants in Lublin or Warsaw. Most Lingarians are working remotely till the end of the year, but we look forward to meeting you in one of our offices eventually 😀

  • When:

    • Azure module: September 7 – 10

    • MS SQL module: September 14 – 19

    • Power BI module: September 21 – 25

    • Capstone day: September 25


What you’ll need:

  • Confidence speaking English! B2-level proficiency is a must

  • An interest in programming, data, creating dashboards and gaining experience with a multinational IT company serving global enterprises

  • A willingness to learn about Microsoft Azure, MS SQL, and Power BI – basics

  • Analytical and logical thinking

  • A basic technical aptitude gained either in a formal scientific/technical/engineering education program or in personal projects

  • A hunger for overall self-development! You will be committing to 3 weeks of intense trainings

  • A good network connection

  • Computer equipment for participating in online trainings

  • A second monitor – nice to have!

  • A willingnes to start your career at Lingaro


What you can look forward to afterwards:

  • Real-life enterprise technology knowledge

  • Fast entry into the professional IT world, even with no prior work experience!

  • More professional development opportunities at Lingaro

  • A full- or part-time dream job at Lingaro for standout performers


What to do next:

  • Submit your CV using the button below by 07.08.

  • Expect us to get in touch to:

    • check your level of English in a quick conversation and

    • discuss your reasons for applying.

  • Spend a few minutes completing a basic analytical thinking test. The test will be online — we’ll send you a link.

  • Have an online interview with us to get to know you better and verify your basic technical aptitude. We’ll invite you for this based on the results of the previous steps.


Meet your trainers!

Dominik Maj – Big Data Developer

I’m a Big Data consultant and developer with experience using a wide variety of data-processing systems. I’ve been working at Lingaro for over 6 years in projects using Oracle, Hadoop, Elastic, and Spark on Databricks, both on-premise and in Azure. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and was one of the first Lingarians to conduct trainings related to Big Data. In my free time I sing in liturgical choirs and enjoy various forms of comedy.



Maciej Bujak – BI Consultant

I’m an ETL developer with 4+ years of experience working with data. During my 2.5 years at Lingaro I’ve had a great chance to develop my database and cloud computing skills. For example, I was recently certified as a Google Cloud Platform Professional Data Engineer. Currently I focus on designing data pipelines in the cloud, however I’m no stranger to front-end issues. I work with SQL on a daily basis and I’m looking forward to sharing some of its features with you!



Dominika Paleczna – UX Designer

I’m a Lead User Experience Consultant focused on projects and products dedicated to business. I’m responsible for designing digital products as well as planning and conducting research, workshops, and UX audits. My goal for this bootcamp is to get participants excited about excellent UX! I will share my best practices for building good UX and dashboards.

I joined Lingaro in February 2019. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gained valuable experience taking a customer-oriented approach to work. I’ve successfully defended my doctoral thesis on the usability of information services. I love cats, brutalist architecture, and coffee. In my free time I’m a radio producer.



Katarzyna Lachewicz – BI Developer

Hello! My name is Kasia. My journey with Lingaro started when I enrolled in last year’s IT Bootcamp 😊 I’m on a journey to discover all Power BI’s secrets, and at this year’s Bootcamp I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far. I’ve had a great opportunity to learn new things about data visualization and cloud solutions, conduct internal and external trainings, work with multinational teams and clients, and experience the great atmosphere that Lingarians are creating in all of our offices, both in Lublin and around the world.  Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, photography, and playing board games.