Lingaro HR Programs Support Sustainability Goal for Health and Well-Being

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The sustainable development goal (SDG) for Good Health and Well-being is one of three key SDGs included in Lingaro Group’s sustainability strategy. In line with this goal, Lingaro launched the Vibes Up Program to ensure employees have a healthy and encouraging work environment.​​

The Vibes Up Program is Lingaro’s response to the need for companies to adapt to new employee expectations, which have shifted due to the pandemic and remote work. The program is a means to understand Lingaro employees and find new things that will keep people engaged and strengthen company culture.

​​According to Anna Jaworska, HR Director of Lingaro, “The whole program is about speaking with employees to gain insights into what they want from their workplace, identify their pain points, and offer tailored initiatives accordingly.”

During the discovery phase, the HR team analyzed data from surveys, interviews and focused group discussions as well as conducted market research.

 ”Many people expect more flexible working arrangements and are looking to companies for more mental health support, for example in addressing burnout. According to Gartner, we have generally shifted our attitudes to give more emphasis to the valuable aspects of our personal lives. We have started rethinking the place that work should have in our lives considering contributing more to society,” Jaworska shared.

​​​​​In addition, the importance of upskilling leaders was highlighted by the“Great Resignation” trend.

“For us here at the Lingaro Group, keeping people engaged has always been already a huge priority.​​​​​​ What we need to watch out for, though, is thinking that the approach we took to achieving this priority yesterday still works today. That’s why it is so important to focus on educating and supporting leaders to be able to adjust to changing realities effectively,” Jaworska explained. ​​​​​​​

Through the Vibes Up Program, the HR team was able to design projects on leadership development, employee recognition, new joiner onboarding, and face-to-face and virtual engagement.

  • “Leader of the Future” focuses on how to build new leadership competencies in response to modern employees’ needs and creating a good environment for leaders to succeed at people management.

  • “Office as a Good Option” focuses on finding ways to encourage physical facetime among teams.

  • "Welcome to Lingaro Group” focuses on ways to build engagement among new joiners.

  • “WOW. Thank you.” encourages recognition and appreciation among Lingaro employees.

  • “Officevibe for Vibes Up!” covers how to speed up gathering of and addressing feedback.

With work setup and environment becoming a key concern for employees, Lingaro also reached milestones for responding to “the new normal.” While it has kept its flexible “Office as an Option” model, it also encouraged people to visit its offices to socialize and organized smaller events outside the office as a way to build team spirit.​​​​​​​

On top of projects that address needs and expectations discovered through the Vibes Up Program, Lingaro also has a dedicated Health & Well-being initiative run as part of its Sustainability Program. Furthermore, it provides career and growth opportunities for employees, including access to online learning platforms.

Lingaro’s Sustainability Agenda focuses on SDGs Health & Wellbeing, Gender Equality, and Climate Action. “We know that these topics are getting more attention from more people than ever across our organization,” Jaworska concluded.

Learn more about Lingaro’s sustainability strategy and initiatives here.

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