Lingaro Launches Dashboard to Help Understand the Impact of COVID-19

Lingaro launches dashboard to help understand th impact of covid-19
Lingaro launches dashboard to help understand th impact of covid-19-1-1

Today, the global fight against COVID-19 is unfolding on multiple fronts:

  • Individuals are struggling to keep themselves and their families healthy.

  • National governments are struggling to contain the spread of the pandemic by imposing quarantines and other restrictions.

  • Businesses are struggling to weather the economic storm the crisis is causing.


And there is uncertainty everywhere.

But there’s one sure thing: beating COVID-19 starts with understanding it. That’s why we’ve created a Power BI dashboard to help make sense of the data available on the pandemic.

This dashboard brings together the most reliable, highest-quality data on COVD-19 to provide valuable insights on:

  • Which countries are most impacted by the crisis. See a breakdown of how long these countries have been under lockdown, their mortality rates, and other key information.

  • How the market is responding in the US, the world’s leading economy and the biggest current battlefield in this global struggle. Understand how individual states are faring and how stock performance is being affected.

  • And more!


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