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Implementing GenAI blog cover 2


  • Designing and implementing data processing systems. This involves writing efficient and scalable code to process, transform, and clean large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

  • Building data pipelines to ingest data from various sources such as databases, APIs, or streaming platforms. Integrating and transforming data to ensure its compatibility with the target data model or format.

  • Designing and implementing data models that support efficient data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

  • Implementing security measures to protect sensitive data and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Establishing data governance practices to maintain data integrity, quality, and consistency.

  • Identifying and resolving issues related to data processing, storage, or infrastructure. Monitoring system performance, identifying anomalies, and conducting root cause analysis to ensure smooth and uninterrupted data operations.

  • Independence and responsibility for delivering a solution.

  • Ability to work under Agile and Scrum development methodologies.

  • Staying updated with emerging technologies, tools, and techniques in the field of big data engineering.

  • Exploring and recommending new technologies to enhance data processing, storage, and analysis capabilities.




  • A bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field is typically required. Additional certifications in cloud are advantageous. 

  • Minimum of 2-4 years of experience in data engineering or a related field. 

  • Proven experience in leading and managing a team of data engineers, providing guidance, mentorship, and technical support. 

  • In-depth knowledge of data management principles and best practices, including data governance, data quality, and data integration. 

  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, manage timelines, and deliver high-quality results within designated deadlines. 

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to identify and resolve complex data engineering issues. 

  • Knowledge of data security and privacy regulations, and the ability to ensure compliance within data engineering projects. 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and senior management. 

  • Continuous learning mindset, staying updated with the latest advancements and trends in data engineering and related technologies. 


 Must have:


  • Strong technical skills in data engineering, including proficiency in programming languages such as Python, SQL, Pyspark.

  • Experience in profiling tool such as Pandas. 

  • Familiarity with Azure cloud platform viz. Azure Databricks, Data Factory, Data Lake, Azure SQL etc., and experience in implementing data solutions in a cloud environment. 

  • Expertise in working with various data tools and technologies, such as ETL frameworks, data pipelines, and data warehousing solutions. 

Nice To Have : 


  • Azure Certifications

We Offer: 


  • Stable employment. On the market since 2008, 1300+ talents currently on board in 7 global sites.

  • 100% remote.

  • Flexibility regarding working hours.

  • Full-time position

  • Comprehensive online onboarding program with a “Buddy” from day 1.

  • Cooperation with top-tier engineers and experts.

  • Unlimited access to the Udemy learning platform from day 1.

  • Certificate training programs. Lingarians earn 500+ technology certificates yearly.

  • Upskilling support. Capability development programs, Competency Centers, knowledge sharing sessions, community webinars, 110+ training opportunities yearly.

  • Grow as we grow as a company. 76% of our managers are internal promotions.

  • A diverse, inclusive, and values-driven community.

  • Autonomy to choose the way you work. We trust your ideas.

  • Create our community together. Refer your friends to receive bonuses.

  • Activities to support your well-being and health.

  • Plenty of opportunities to donate to charities and support the environment.


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