Discussing Data & Analytics With Randstad

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Lingaro TechTalks is a series of discussions in which top enterprise data and analytics innovators share their stories about the newest technologies, toughest challenges, and biggest successes they’re experiencing as they digitally transform their businesses.

In this TechTalk, Randstad Senior Vice President Digital Transformation Remco Brouwer sits down with Lingaro North America GM Jan Wenda to describe what digital transformation means at Randstad and where data and analytics fit into the enterprise’s business strategy.


“Data is a critical piece of digital transformation journey, but data by itself is not very useful. Data only becomes information if you apply it to insights. So one of the things we see a lot of companies struggling with is that data gets locked up in all these systems that you’ve had for 20 years. If you want to make sense of the whole journey for a client or for a talent you have to bring the data together and you have to apply context to it to really make it insightful. So data and analytics are very important but what is more important is that you need a 360 degree angle of the whole journey. In order to do that, we need first to bring the data together, make sure we understand what it is, and then apply analytics in every way or form to make sense of it. Critical stuff, but data by itself is not enough.”


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