Lingaro Broadens Capabilities and Expertise as an Official Databricks Partner

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Lingaro Group is now an official partner of Databricks, an enterprise software company that provides a unified data and analytics platform for data engineering, AI and machine learning, and data science. Databricks enables data scientists, engineers, and analysts as well as analytics technology experts to run and deploy interactive, scheduled, and real-time data analysis workloads in collaborative environments.

To date, more than 200 of Lingaro’s consultants use Databricks to develop, deliver, and deploy data lakes and data meshes to customers worldwide. Lingaro’s technology experts also use Databricks to deliver data pipelines, data integration, AI and machine learning, MLOps, and advanced analytics solutions to partners and clients.

“We continue to invest in the Lingaro community, and the Databricks technology ecosystem is always a high priority for us,” said Grzegorz Tkaczyk. “As we build on the solid foundation of strong partnerships we’ve forged throughout the years, formalizing this partnership was the logical next step. We’re thrilled to continue working with our partners and clients in providing their business and technology teams with robust, integrated solutions in data and analytics.”

As an official Databricks partner, Lingaro Group is uniquely poised to help enterprises and global companies implement and scale data science projects and end-to-end initiatives in machine learning and advanced analytics. This expertise includes designing and implementing data transformation, modernization, and governance strategies as well as making the most out of the organization’s investment in Databricks.

Learn more about Lingaro Group’s ecosystem partners, solution integrations, and technology expertise here.



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