Lingaro Wins Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year

Two “Long Game” Priorities That Drove Lingaro’s Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year
Microsoft Award

Several weeks ago, we were honored to be named Microsoft Poland’s Partner of the Year in relation to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. 

It was a great high-profile recognition, and we are truly proud of the outstanding work that the Lingarians have done this year to achieve it.  

But achieving an annual award like this one – especially from one of the world’s leading technology companies – is about more than just the immediate results we are delivering. It is about our ongoing commitment to helping enterprises win the enterprise digital transformation “long game.”  

In particular, receiving this award was the result of achieving two overarching goals that have always been — and always will be — priorities for our company.  Those goals are: 


Identifying “under-valued” enterprise technology solutions and moving fast to build competencies around them.   

Enterprise technologies are constantly evolving. As a vendor-neutral service provider, one of our top priorities is understanding this evolution and how our clients can and will benefit from the market’s best solutions, regardless of source.  

Almost four years ago, we saw that Microsoft Azure was creating significant business opportunities that enterprises were eager to capture. And we predicted that Azure would continue creating these attractive opportunities into the future. As a result, we began aggressively developing our Azure practice.  

By 2018 we not only had successfully predicted Azure’s rapidly expanding commercial potential for our enterprise clients but also had built the capabilities to help them capture it. 

But it takes more than just technical capabilities to work successfully with industry leaders. It takes trust. Thus, achieving a second overarching goal was also a key factor here: 


Building trust over the long term. 

Successful enterprise leaders set long-term goals and work with technology partners who can help achieve them reliably, milestone after milestone. 

We have been working with several of our clients for a decade. This year, Azure became an even bigger part of their long-term digitization strategies.  

These clients trusted us to help execute these strategies. Partly because of the competencies we had built earlier, as outlined above. And partly because of our reputation as a top performer in previous digital transformation projects, whether involving cloud solutions or not. 

In conclusion, we didn’t receive this award just for being in the right place at the right time. Instead, we received it for having the right people – with the right knowledge and ability to execute — and the right business relationships with clients who trust us to guide their adoption of one of the market’s top cloud solutions.   

Congrats to all the Lingarians whose hard work led up to this win!

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