Security is Our Priority – Interview with Artur Placha

Security is Our Priority – Interview with Artur Placha
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We are delighted to announce that Lingaro Group has been granted the ISO 27001 certification. Today we talk with Artur Placha, the Lingaro Information Security Officer, about what security means for our organization.  

Artur, tell us about your role at Lingaro. 

As the Information Security Officer, I am responsible for integrating security into our business processes and strategic management across the entire organization – both in Business Enablers Teams and in Service Delivery. I raise awareness of security topics, manage organization-wide security training and work to establish and promote a security-conscious culture in line with our Core Values. 

I help Lingaro leaders identify and manage security risks in their areas and collaborate with them to ensure the right controls are in place to prevent data breaches. I am also responsible for handling security incidents and run a small Security Operations Center team which keeps a watchful eye over our IT systems to detect and investigate any suspicious activities.  


Lingaro has recently undergone the ISO 27001 certification. Could you tell us about it?

The certification confirms that Lingaro has an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS), which allows us to make crucial decisions in a systematic, evidence-based way, be pro-active in dealing with issues, and continually improve our security posture going forward.

The ISMS is a combination of people, tools, policies and processes all working together to ensure we’re able to manage our security risks by making good decisions based on expert knowledge and information we receive both from within the organization and from the wider world. This in turn allows us to prioritize and consistently deliver key security initiatives as an organization, such as investments in our IT Security tools and capabilities, a training program for our colleagues to be more security aware and regular tests of our own defenses to make sure they work as intended and are ready to withstand real attacks.


What about our clients and partners? What does this certificate mean in terms of keeping their assets safe?  

Lingaro has been known for many years as a provider that is highly focused on client satisfaction, and security and privacy are a huge part of that. We are strongly committed to security; it is one of our top strategic priorities. 

While we’ve been delivering secure IT solutions and services for over a decade, we took the ISO 27001 certification as an opportunity to re-think some aspects of our approach to make it more efficient, reliable, and scalable in the face of our rapid growth as an organization. 

One major change was the creation of a Security Lead role – one is now nominated in every Lingaro engagement and is responsible for ensuring we select and correctly deploy the right security controls in response to client requirements, industry best practice and our own internal standards, compliance considerations and relevant risks.

We have also established our Security Center of Excellence, whose goal is to both support our engagement teams with security expertise, as well as support our clients directly with standalone security services, such as the Cloud Security Assessment and Expert Security Testing.

Going forward, our clients and partners can expect Lingaro to be even more focused and pro-active in the field of security, ready to offer specialized advice and dedicated services in addition to our established expertise in Data & Analytics. 

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