How To Successfully Implement a Lakehouse Within an Existing Environment

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data lakehouse
data lakehouse

Our Capabilities

End-to-End Implementation

We deliver solutions across the data lake life cycle, including global Microsoft Azure data deployments. Learn more

Fully Integrated Data Lake

We help integrate self-service business intelligence (BI) apps, data hubs, data warehouses, and workflows from BI tools.

Data Lake Governance

Lingaro is ISO/IEC 27001-certified — we apply stringent data management standards at each level of data sensitivity.

Data Lakehouse

We provide advisory and consultancy services for modernizing your data platform. We also deliver solutions at any stage of your journey toward data lakehouse transformation. Learn more

Microsoft Fabric

We design, develop, and deploy solutions that can help you manage your data through an all-in-one analytics platform, powered by Microsoft Fabric. 
Learn more

Databricks Data Intelligence

We provide strategies, deliver solutions, and enable your existing environment to unify data and AI through the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Learn more

Data Consolidation

We provide capabilities for orchestrating and managing data flows and data sources, such as Azure-SAP integrations

Data Ingestion

We speed up the delivery of new or complex data pipelines by up to five times while enabling end users to create their own.

Data Platform Assessment

We develop actionable strategies and assess technical requirements for implementing data lakes and logical data warehouses.

Results Delivered

Oversight Versatility Integration

Your Competitive Edge

Adoption-First Approach

We first establish strategic requirements before developing, implementing, or expanding a data lake.

Faster Time to Value

We adopt a milestone-driven strategy that helps achieve quick wins and encourage user adoption.


We have over 14 years of experience in analytics, multicloud environments, and big data projects.

Agile and Adaptable

Our approach to DevOps and DataOps blends agility and operational excellence to deliver data solutions.

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