Discussing Data and Analytics with State Auto

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Welcome to Lingaro TechTalks, a series of discussions in which top enterprise data and analytics innovators share their stories about the newest technologies, toughest challenges, and biggest successes they’re experiencing as they digitally transform their businesses.

In this TechTalk with Lingaro North America GM Jan Wenda at the 2019 comSpark Tech Summit, State Auto CIO Greg Tacchetti goes into the nuts and bolts of how State Auto is evolving its business model around data and analytics.


“We’re really focused on how IoT and all the data being generated in the world is going to help us understand risk in a much more granular way. Yes we’re agile. Yes we’re moving to DevOps. But really it’s the communication. Being very tightly integrated with what our customers — whether its our policy holders, agents, or claimants — are telling us what they need from us and quickly getting that into the development cycle.”

Greg Tacchetti
CIO at State Auto


Watch the complete discussion here:

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