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Data Scientist (Machine Learning/Computer Vision)


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Engineers tablet&mobile
  • Developing Computer Vision PoCs, MVPs or modules for enterprise solutions 

  • Working closely with Lingaro and Customer stakeholders to deliver high quality business value added solutions  

  • Running end-to-end initiatives (Business understanding, Data understanding/preparation, Modeling, Evaluation and Deployment) 

  • Analyzing and interpreting the findings 

  • Drawing conclusions and recommendations- including expected benefits and measuring ROI for enhancing business processes  



Role Specific - essential: 

  • familiarity with theory behind various machine learning concepts 

  • experience with Machine Learning (ML), especially in Computer Vision (CV) projects 

  • experience with business requirements gathering, transforming them into technical plan, data processing, feature engineering, models evaluation, hypothesis testing and model deployment 

  • fluency in Python, basic working knowledge of SQL 

  • knowledge of specific CV/ML/DS libraries like: NumPy, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch 

Role Specific – nice to have: 

  • experience in working with big data and distributed environments would be a plus 

  • experience in one of the major cloud environments: Azure, GCP or AWS  

  • commercial experience proven by multiple successful projects in the areas of Computer Vision would be a big plus 

  • experience in working with R&D projects 

  • good understanding of multimodal representations, 

  • good understanding of big O notation, algorithm time and space complexities 

  • good understanding of generative modeling (VAEs, GANs, Transformers) 


  • basic computer programming skills and familiarity with programming concepts  

  • good communication skills 

  • strong business acumen 

  • ability to come up with creative solutions to address customer problems


We offer:


  • Stable employment. On the market since 2008, 1300+ talents currently on board in 7 global sites.

  • Flexibility regarding working hours and your preferred form of contract.  

  • Great Place to Work® certified employer.

  • Comprehensive online onboarding program with a “Buddy” from day 1.

  • Cooperation with top-tier engineers and experts.

  • Unlimited access to the Udemy learning platform from day 1.

  • Certificate training programs. Lingarians earn 500+ technology certificates yearly.

  • Upskilling support. Capability development programs, Competency Centers, knowledge sharing sessions, community webinars, 110+ training opportunities yearly.

  • Internal Gallup Certified Strengths Coach to support your growth.

  • Grow as we grow as a company. 76% of our managers are internal promotions.

  • A diverse, inclusive, and values-driven community.

  • Autonomy to choose the way you work. We trust your ideas.

  • Create our community together. Refer your friends to receive bonuses.

  • Activities to support your well-being and health.

  • Plenty of opportunities to donate to charities and support the environment.

  • Modern office equipment. Purchased for you or available to borrow, depending on your location.  


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