Expert Level Support (L3)


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  • During the transition to the support phase, ensure that all code, scripts, and configurations adhere to established standards of the engagement.

  • Verify the availability of all necessary documentation and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the new product being introduced by the client.

  • Proactively gather updates from the support team pertaining to incidents, service requests, and change requests during daily cadence meetings.

  • Conduct rigorous technical investigations to ascertain root causes and provide effective resolutions for every issue that will be raised.

  • Participate in technical consultations, offering valuable insights and expertise for ongoing and upcoming projects.

  • Thoroughly review estimations provided by the Enhancement teams.

  • Ability to independently drive delivery team without offshore/onshore peers.

  • Strong analysis and problem-solving skills and the ability to bring in the right solution to technical challenges.

  • Engineering IT solutions based on appropriate models available.

  • Bachelor's degree (preferred: Computer science, Mathematics with statistic specialization,  

  • Vested interest around Data Science

  • Good understanding of the Data Lake architecture concept, and its implementation using GCP ecosystem and Talend.  

  • GCP ecosystem

  • Knowledge of SQL, and Talend

  • Knowledge of BigQuery is a plus.  

  • Strong analytical thinking  

  • Strong communication skillset  

  • Being capable to work with the support team to resolve complex issues.

  • Be flexible enough to also accept more menial tasks (like testing)

  • Come up with improvement ideas, and be able to create POCs for these (like automatic data validation, etc.)

  • Be process-wary enough to act as a stand-in for BI Leads (effectively SLMs for a set of applications).

  • You must be capable of working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative, cross-functional, cross-skilled, and cross-cultural environment.  

  • Generally, to have a mindset to be capable of finding valuable and interesting work for themselves

  • Very good knowledge of English

  • Ability to prepare and discuss presentations.  

  • EMEA working hours.

We Offer:
  • Stable employment. On the market since 2008, 1300+ talents currently on board in 7 global sites.

  • 100% remote.

  • Flexibility regarding working hours.

  • Full-time position

  • Comprehensive online onboarding program with a “Buddy” from day 1.

  • Cooperation with top-tier engineers and experts.

  • Unlimited access to the Udemy learning platform from day 1.

  • Certificate training programs. Lingarians earn 500+ technology certificates yearly.

  • Upskilling support. Capability development programs, Competency Centers, knowledge sharing sessions, community webinars, 110+ training opportunities yearly.

  • Grow as we grow as a company. 76% of our managers are internal promotions.

  • A diverse, inclusive, and values-driven community.

  • Autonomy to choose the way you work. We trust your ideas.

  • Create our community together. Refer your friends to receive bonuses.

  • Activities to support your well-being and health.

  • Plenty of opportunities to donate to charities and support the environment.


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